Water Analysis

Have you ever wanted to find out the water profile of your city so that you can make mineral additions to your tap water to produce better beer?

If you use tap water, and live in a city, or town, in the United States, we will find out the water profile for your city or town's tap water supply and provide you with the results through the industries top lab for water analysis. Mineral Labs Inc.

Along with providing you the water profile for your city/town, there will also be 3 free mineral packs included that are based on the analysis of the water you sent in to get analyzed.

The adjustments that will be provided will be for whatever 3 styles of beer you would like. If you would like to purchase any additional adjustments you may want to brew, we will be happy to provide you with the recommendations.

$100 - Water Analysis plus 3 free Waters Brewer packets of your choosing, based off of the water analysis provided by Mineral Labs Inc. 

$5 - Any additional Waters Brewer packets you'd want in addition to the first 3 packets, still based on the water analysis.

Services are only offered in the continental U.S. until further notice.

Please provide your email address at checkout for the info will be sent via email.

email ty@watersbrewer.com for additional information/comments/concerns


Step 1: Purchase Water Analysis

Step 2: You will receive a container from Mineral Labs Inc. to fill your brewing water up with. Proceed to fill the container with the water you want to be analyzed after rinsing the container 2-3 times with the same water. 

Step 3: Ship the container, that is now sealed, back to Mineral Labs Inc.

Step 4: The results of the analysis will then be given to Waters Brewer where we will make the corresponding adjustments to give you the best optimal water profile for the beer you are brewing. Waters Brewer will then put together 3 packets of your choosing for whatever size brew you want (1,5,10 gal)


Within a week you will receive:

- Precise Water Analysis of your Brewing Water

- Optimal mineral packets for 3 styles of beer that you choose

- Original Water Analysis from Mineral Labs Inc. with notes/recommendations for water treatment of your brewing water

-Confidence that your water is prepared to take on the enduring challenges of brewing




Water Analysis + Waters Brewer