Waters Brewer is specifically designed to give brewers an experience they will value by experimenting with the art of water treatment for perfecting home and craft brewing. For example, let's say you want to be brew an IPA- we have put together the perfect water treatment solution to really bring out the hop flavors and bitterness while adding overall complexity to the final product.

Every order is put together upon purchase. We are truly in the business of helping you get the best water possible for the beer you're going to be brewing. If you brew 2-gallon batches, or 8-gallon batches, or whatever the size or style, shoot an email our way and we will work with you to optimize your water profile.

We have been featured in Zymurgy magazine, the number one homebrewing magazine,  and on the Barley and Me podcast and are continuing to grow and have visions of helping every homebrewer have the best possible water profile they can have.

Waters Brewer aims to give the everyday brewer the power to treat their water in order to create truly exceptional beer.


 Zymurgy, Dec. 2016





Thank you for your recent package of water conditioning salts!  I have been passing out the cards you sent to folks in both of my brew groups, and can’t talk up your product enough.  It was such a great help having your water test service to use our local municipal water supply.  No more buying RO water!  And finding out our water was so soft was an added bonus, it confirmed what Sarah already knew, that we have AWESOME water!  
For a low cost, you have taken away the complexity of figuring out what to add to our water so we can bring our beer to the next level.  Your service is one of the best values going to make the best home-brew.
Thanks for a GREAT service!
John Anderson


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