Waters Brewer E-Book

The Waters Brewer E-Book

Water Chemistry Made Easy


Released March 8th, 2019

In this book, I talk about everything you may need to know from an average homebrewer. I am no scientist or engineer, just an ex-marine, beer drinking, business building, yogi from Northern California. I go over all the styles of beer and what mineral additions and simplifying water chemistry so that any homebrewer can have a good understanding of it. We also discuss different source waters, what ions in minerals matter to brewers and to the beer, as well as a couple life stories throughout the book to shine some human side in the, what can be, the boring part of brewing in some brewers eyes.

You guys have inspired me to create this user-friendly brewing water book in hopes to simplifying the scarcity that is brewing water. 

Understanding your water chemistry for brewing better beer has never been so easy!


This short 20 page E-Book will guide you to insights for understanding your brewing water like never.


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I like you guys!


Ty Stevenson