The Waters Brewer Study Book

Homebrewing Edition:


At the end of 2016, I decided to embark on a year-long journey to discover how water plays a role in the final outcome of the beer that I would be brewing over the next year. I created The Waters Brewer Study, which is a study I am hosting where I do 30 batches of the same recipe, same process, same equipment, the only difference from batch to batch is the water. I've done experiments such as all hose water, all rain water, excessive amounts of gypsum, minerals in the boil, and experiments of that nature. 

In this book, I am going to talk about everything you may need to know from an average homebrewer. I am no scientist or engineer, just an ex-marine, dog owning, beer drinking, business building average guy. I will be going over all the styles of beer and what mineral additions, in ppm AND in amount per style (in grams), different source waters, what ions in minerals matter to brewers and what they do to the beer, as well as a couple life stories throughout the book to shine some human side in the, what can be, boring water chemistry for brewing book.

The book will include a free download of an excel sheet for adjusting your brewing water, similar to brewers friend or any other brewing water guides out there, but with my own special twist. The book will also include a cheat sheet for more popular styles of beer for 1, 5, and 10 gallons worth of distilled or reverse osmosis water to be added to a fridge or board.

The book is expected to be between 150-250 pages long and it's to be released hopefully early-mid 2018.

If you would like to pre-order the book now, there is a link below. I will send you an excel sheet, along with the brewing water adjustment cheat sheet if you decided you would like to pre-order the book and once the book is finished, I will then send you a signed copy of the book.

You guys have inspired me to create this user-friendly brewing water book in hopes to simplifying the, what could be, scary/scientific part of brewing water adjustments for better beer.