About Waters Brewer

At Waters Brewer, our mission is to provide the brewer with the minerals needed to properly create the water profiles of some of the world's greatest beers. Think of a crisp Pilsner from Pilsen, traditional Brown Ale from London, or a Dry Stout from Dublin. Whatever style of beer you want to brew, we can gladly put together the minerals to make it. Waters Brewer saves you the time of accumulating and calculating the correct level of minerals to properly match your target water profile. We ensure that all you have to do is add the product to the correct amount of distilled, or RO, water. Once added, you instantly have water that will better fit the category of beer that you are going to be brewing. 

Water is the one element of brewing beer that is most often forgotten. Water makes up roughly 95% of beer...if you can improve that why wouldn't you? If you use the perfect water every time for the style of beer you are going to craft, you will consistently make better beer. If you just used tap water without knowing the water profile of the water in your city, you might find that you have soft water. This is due to the lack of calcium and magnesium in your water supply which could possibly hinder the overall flavor and character of your beer. Water deserves to compliment the style of beer you chose to brew, not slander it. Let Waters Brewer provide you with the minerals necessary to make your water profile the best that it can possibly be.