About The Product

Here you will find what kind of minerals Waters Brewer uses to make these simple water treatment solutions.


What's in water in relation to Brewing:

  • Calcium: 

    - Calcium is one of the main determinants of water hardness, the other determinant is Mg.

    - Ca has good buffering qualities, enabling functions such as pH stabilization.

    - Together with vitamin D, calcium provides tooth and bone growth.

    - Hard water may assist in the decrease of heart conditions.

  • Magnesium:

    - Mg is know to help increase energy and endurance.

    - It has been know to treat a plethora of diseases some including lyme disease, cystic fibrosis, kidney stones, and fight lung complications

    - Yeast health is greatly dependent on magnesium.

    - At medium to low levels magnesium can give a sour bitter taste to beer.

  • Sodium: 

    - Has a sour/salty taste that accentuates malty flavors in beer.

    - Reaching above 200ppm can give your beer a more salty taste.

    - Sodium is partially responsible for nerve function, muscle contractions, and fluid regulation.


Products used in Waters Brewer water treatments:

  • Epsom Salt:

    - Chemical Formula: MgSO4 (Magnesium Sulfate)

    - Epsom Salt is a naturally occurring mineral that was originally used for a melody of ailments.

    - MgSO4 is a cation that imparts harsh bitterness when in access which is a big factor in yeast nutrition and helps accentuate beer flavor.

    - Promotes a fuller, dry flavor in beer.

    - Helps with yeast nutrition. 

  • Gypsum: 

    - AKA Calcium Sulfate (CaSO4 (H20))

    - Stabilizes alpha amylase.

    - Decreases extraction of tannins

    - Improved hot break.

    - Helps neutralize lecithin and peptone, which are yeast toxins.

    - Can help haze and extraction of bittering components of hops.

    - Helps yeast metabolize oxygen.

  • Calcium Chloride: 

    Chemical formula: CaCl2 (H2o)

    - CaCl2 is derived from limestone.

    - Used in beer for correcting mineral deficiencies that have an effect on flavor, yeast function, and chemical reactions during the brewing process.

    - Extracts the hops bittering components.

    - The lack of calcium in your brewing water can cause gushing and haze.

    - Helps decrease mash pH and wort color.

  • Baking Soda: 

    - AKA Sodium Bicarbonate (NaCO3)

    - Goes hand and hand with accenting beer flavors in low concentration

    - Helps promote more rounded malt flavor

    - Increases pH stability

    - Relieves excessive tannins