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Waters Brewer Gets Bought Out By Anheuser - Busch InBev. (April Fools Joke)

EDIT: 4/5/2017 This was an April Fools joke. Waters brewer did NOT get bought out by Anheuser Busch... We're sorry for any confusion this may have caused. Please understand there was no intention of harm here and was simply trying to make an April fools joke.         Good morning all,   I am glad to say that yesterday, on March 31st 2017, Waters Brewer and Anheuser - Busch InBev came to an agreement that Waters Brewer will sell their company to InBevfor a grand total of $100,000 flat. The changes will take place immediately. From now on, Waters Brewer will be sponsored by InBev and will follow their footsteps in advertising and producing the world's best Lager. ...

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