Waters Brewer - #6 - We All Mess Up A Brew A Time Or Two.

Whattttssssss going on Homebrewers!

My name's Ty Stevenson.

I'm a homebrewing, Waters Brewer owning, Marine Corps veteran, college grad, wolfdog owning, full time job having, ordinary dude who is writing these grammatically incorrect sentences in hopes of helping YOU, the homebrewer, out when it comes to your brew. From your very first beer, to owing your own brewery.

About Me:

I wake up between 4-6 AM every day, work on my business for a couple hours, take my dog on an hour walk, make my lunch, go to work at a winery (wish it was a brewery), come home, walk my dog again, watch some sports, work on more business, cook dinner, and spend the rest of my night with my loving girlfriend. Put that routine on repeat and that's the jist of my life. I also homebrew about every 3 weeks and I listen to a lot of podcasts revolving around brewing, business, and how to succeed at life. I grew up living in apartments and motels, with family friends, and was eventually taken in by my grandparents at the young age of 13 after my mom could no longer support me. Pops was in and out of my life for the better or worse, but we are friends now.My grandparents really made me the man I am today from disciplining me when I was being a stubborn teenager, to being there for every one of my baseball games for 13 years. They really taught me how to work hard, fight for what I believe is right, and always be kind to others. I became a Marine before the age of 18 and was in the reserves until the age of 23. Went to college at 18 and graduated at 23 with a management degree, all while being in the Marines. Have a background in construction and started working 2 days after graduation day.

I had this idea in my mind about starting my own company for a while, after quitting my job as an assistant project manager for a construction where my boss was the worst boss you could ever imagine, nothing I ever did was good enough for her, I quit that job and took a month of work.During that month I just drinking, played video games, and watched lots of TV, until something clicked in my head and started asking myself, "what the hell am I doing with my life". I had to pay the bills still, so I got a job at a winery in Sonoma County, wasn't very satisfied with this job, but because I had gone through these times I something in me decided I can do more, so I started a company. I woke up at 3:15 AM on the morning of April 26th, 2016 (not kidding) and decided I was going to start a business, and thus Waters Brewer was founded. 



 So you went and messed up your last brew...

That's OK!!

It's not the end of the world. It's almost guaranteed that everyone who homebrews is going to have at LEAST one batch of beer that goes bad. BUT THAT'S OK! There is always the next brew. 

It's also almost guaranteed that you will have a good brew in your brews to come as well... 

Don't get discouraged. 

I had a brew, my second brew actually, it was an Oktoberfest, I didn't know SHIT about brewing still at that point, let alone brewing a lager... So I did everything just as I had done in my first brew, put the malt extract in the boil.. added the hops... cooled it down... and then put the yeast in the sanitized fermentor with the cooled wort. Seems like a pretty basic brew right? I forgot to tell you that I was drinking beer while brewing, a little too much... And by the time the wort was cool, I was hot.... if you get what I saying... So I went ahead and put the wort in the fermentor and added the yeast, aerated it, put the airlock and stopper on, and set in in the garage to ferment. I went to bed that night feeling good about the brew, though everything went according to plan!

I woke up the next morning, went to my dead end job, came home to check out how my beer was turning out, and noticed that I forgot to put the lid on the airlock... I couldn't find the lid anywhere... So I tried putting plastic wrap around it, as a lid.... It didn't work out so well. The next day I noticed some little particles living in the water that I had put in the airlock. I couldn't go out and buy a new airlock because I worked the next 3 days in a row... 

Needless to say I didn't want to throw away my 5 gallons of Oktoberfest... So I held on to that batch for a month and a half until I finally decided to try it and make my decision to toss it or not. So I tried my beer and it was bad.... It tasted horrible... There was definitely an infection. I had to toss the beer....

It was HARD for me to toss that beer man! I spend all that time and effort in to making that Oktoberfest... and it FAILED! I was upset with myself for getting too drunk and messing up my brew at the very last step.

You know what I did to get over that failure though.... I BREWED THE VERY NEXT DAY I HAD OFF! 

I started all-grain my next brew... and that was a whole different world compared to extract brew.

That was my first batch that I had to toss, there has been two more since then, which both came from infections due to lack of sanitation. I've always got up and brewed the next day I didn't have work. I am now brewing beer that I am proud of, and which is worthy of being drunk, every time I have an day off and an empty fermentor. 

You are only going to get better at brewing by doing it over and over and learning from all of your mistakes.

So learn from the mistakes you've made and hop right back on that brewing saddle because truly great beer is right around the corner!



Thanks for spending the time to learn about the few failures I've had on my brew days I and always appreciate any comments/feedback about this article and also antything else you would like to see in any future articles I post!

Stay True to your Brew!

-Ty Stevenson





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