Waters Brewer - #9 - Top 10 Homebrewing Influencers on Instagram

Whattttssssss going on Homebrewers!

My name's Ty Stevenson.

I'm a homebrewing, Waters Brewer owning, Marine Corps veteran, college grad, wolfdog owning, full time job having, ordinary dude who is writing these grammatically incorrect sentences in hopes of helping YOU, the homebrewer, when it comes to your brew. From your very first beer, to owing your own brewery.

About Me:

I wake up between 4-6 AM every day, work on my business for a couple hours, take my dog on an hour walk, make my lunch, go to work at a winery (wish it was a brewery), come home, walk my dog again, watch some sports, work on more business, cook dinner, and spend the rest of my night with my loving girlfriend. Put that routine on repeat and that's the jist of my life. I also homebrew about every 3 weeks and I listen to a lot of podcasts revolving around brewing, business, and how to succeed at life. I grew up living in apartments and motels, with family friends, and was eventually taken in by my grandparents at the young age of 13 after my mom could no longer support me. Pops was in and out of my life for the better or worse, but we are friends now.My grandparents really made me the man I am today from disciplining me when I was being a stubborn teenager, to being there for every one of my baseball games for 13 years. They really taught me how to work hard, fight for what I believe is right, and always be kind to others. I became a Marine before the age of 18 and was in the reserves until the age of 23. Went to college at 18 and graduated at 23 with a management degree, all while being in the Marines. Have a background in construction and started working 2 days after graduation day.

I had this idea in my mind about starting my own company for a while, after quitting my job as an assistant project manager for a construction where my boss was the worst boss you could ever imagine, where nothing I ever did was good enough, not getting training in my job, and commuting an hour plus there and back every day, I quit my job and took a month of work. During that month I just drank, played video games, and watched lots of TV, until something clicked in my head, I got to asking myself, "what the hell am I doing with my life". I still had to pay the bills, so I got a job at a winery in Sonoma County, wasn't very satisfied with this job, but because I had gone through these times of failure and defeat, I decided I can do more with my life, so I started a company. I woke up at 3:15 AM on the morning of April 26th, 2016 (not kidding) and decided I was going to start a business, and thus Waters Brewer was founded. 



Before you start reading... I'm sorry if you're not on this list... No I'm not actually... If you are a homebrewer and haven't made a big enough impact on me on Instagram yet, you probably don't deserve to be in my top ten list of Instagram Influencers.

Without further ado... Here is my list of Top Ten Homebrewing Instagram Influencers.



#10: homebrewassoc

What would a top ten list be without the Homebrewing Association on it... 

They have close to 10K followers, over 220 posts, lots of good information and articles revolving around homebrewers and homebrewing and is almost a staple for any homebrewer to follow on all social media platforms.


#9: norwalkbrewhouse 

This is an interesting one because he is a homebrewer, but he is on his way, in the process, of trying to build Norwalk's first brewpub! His Instagram account is pretty cool, he has about 8 pictures of 1 hydrometer in a sample tube for the gravity, all creating one large image, which I though is pretty cool. 

Pretty basic stuff though! Very relateable. A plethora of pictures revolving around the equipment, and process of homebrewing.

Check this guy out as he makes his journey from a homebrewer to owning the first brewpub in Norwalk, CA.

Followers: 1,121   Posts: 146


#8: thebrewbrotha

First off, pretty awesome name if you ask me...

This guy's Instagram account is pretty typical for a beer fanatic and I wasn't sure if he homebrews or not but with his last two pictures I did notice that he homebrews. Though there is not TOO many pictures of homebrewing, there IS a plethora of pictures of beer from all over the country. If you want to expand your horizon of beer and see some beers you might of have never heard of, you will definitely want to check this fella out.

Followers: 15.1k   Posts: 2,112.


#7: westum_hjemmebryggeri

This dude is awesome! he posts AT LEAST a picture a day, seems like he's always brewing something or drinking something, or getting in to some cool adventures. He's from Norway, and I'm going to go ahad and say that he's the biggest name in homebrewers in Norway (correct me if you think I'm wrong). He has very high resolution pictures, is always trying out new, and diverse, beers from all over the world, but at heart is all about the hops.

Great follow if you're looking for new beers to try, seeing other homebrewers brew, and simply put, really cool pictures.

He has over 3,200 followers and over 1,600 posts.


#6: flagbearerbrewery

I might be a little bias on this pick because he posts a fair amount of stuff relating to america, old glory, and the red, white, and blue, and if you know one thing about me, it should be that I love America!

ANYWAYS...like I said, this dude has a lot of american flag pictures revolving around homebrewing, videos/pictures of the brewing process, equipment, cool pictures of the malts and hops, and just simply very american, high quality posts. He is still very new so not too much content yet, but is well on the way up! Look out for him to become a big hit in the home/craft brewing community soon.

Followers: 1,712   Posts: 31


#5: blackboarbrew

I thought this dude was a craft brewer when I first saw him, the way he had his pictures set up and of what his pictures were of, but then I dove deeper in to his Instagram feed and definitely noticed he's a homebrewer. This dude is all about the beer, and his daughter. 

He's got many picture of the brews that he's brewed, beers from craft breweries, fermentors, brewing equipment, and oh yeah... donuts.

Most of my pictures get a like from him and this tells you he's very active in his Instagram.

He has over 1,000 followers and over 330 posts.


#4: shiny.lizzidi

SHEEEEEE (first woman on my top ten list) is a badass photographer, brewer, writer, attorney, and traveler. This girl has some super artsy photo's, ultra high quality, and are just really cool to look at. She has some cool pictures of grains, wort chiller, bottles, hops, you name it and she has a really cool picture of it. 

Even if you don't want to follow her for her homebrewing pictures, her artistic talents should be enough to click the follow button on her Instagram account.

Followers: 1,181   Posts: 556


#3: octohops

This is an awesome Instagram account! They are documenting (in pictures) their whole process from being homebrewers to becoming pro brewers. They have very high quality, interesting, pictures that shows them at festivals, winning awards, merchandise, them brewing, and all other pictures that have to do with beer. 

PS. They have a really cool logo.

Followers: 950   Posts: 227


 #2: wehomebrew

The fellows of #wehomebrew are pretty awesome, pretty similar to the department of homebrewing, but these guys have more of a community if you ask me. They sell shirts,bags, all kinds of apparel and then they have their logo branded cups you can buy...

These cups are cool, very orange. Just a plastic cup with their logo and name on it, but they sell these cups for people to buy and then these people take pictures of themselves using these cups and then in return for doing that, they get featured on the wehomebrew website.

Definitely check them out, and possibly even be a part of the orange cup gang. 

They have almost 6,500 followers and over 60 posts. Don't let the lack of posts and followers fool you though, they will be a big part of the homebrewing community before you can spell Mississippi.


#1: the_department_of_homebrewing

These guys, or whoever runs this account, is interesting. They are like a hub where all homebrewers can use the hashtag #dohomebrew on their pictures and the department of homebrewing will check it out and pic pictures to post from those homebrewers. Think of it the department of homebrewing as a DJ, everyone sends them allll of these songs (pictures) and the DJ (department of homebrewing) pics and chooses what songs (pictures) to display to the public THROUGH them. 

Chances are, if you're looking to be around homebrewing, these guys have liked, or shared, a photo or two of yours.

They have over 25.5K followers and over 1,500 posts 


#0: watersbrewer


What can I say? I like to think that within 1 month, I've accumulated over 200 followers and posted over 30 posts. That's around 1 post a day. Not many influencers are putting out that much content daily. I also write an interesting, original, article every day and will continue to do so. Who else on Instagram brings as much information about homebrewing, water, general brewing knowledge, and cool dog pictures as much as I? 

If you are looking for something more then just pictures of people drinking beer, commenting and critiquing beer, or pictures, Waters Brewer provides you with a vast array of knowledge and information regarding everything there is to do with homebrewing. Although I don't have as much followers, or posts, as other influencers on Instagram, I do believe I bring the most information and knowledge from the homebrewing community, to the homebrewing community.

If there is ever anything you want more knowledge on, just let me know, I will do the research and write up an article for you because I'm sure at least one other person has the same question you do and I would be happy to provide the answer to the best of my ability.



That concludes my top 10 list of homebrewing influencers on Instagram. 

There are soooooo many people who review craft beers, post pictures about it, travel and jot down their adventures on a blog or something, but there really wasn't anything like that for homebrewers. I want to bring more awareness and give recognition to the homebrewers, the ones putting in the work, not just the people drinking the beers and commenting on the beers that they don't brew That's why I created a list of HOMEBREWERS and not people who just take pictures of the beers they drink, but don't brew themselves. 


If you believe that you deserve to be in my to ten list of influencers on Instagram and is a homebrewer, not a craft beer enthusiast, shoot me a message or leave me a comment and I'll check you out!




As always, I want to thank you for reading and I always appreciate and feedback/comments!

Stay True To Your Brew! 


-Ty Stevenson





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