Waters Brewer - #8 - Ideas For Your Own Craft Brewery

Whattttssssss going on Homebrewers!

My name's Ty Stevenson.

I'm a homebrewing, Waters Brewer owning, Marine Corps veteran, college grad, wolfdog owning, full time job having, ordinary dude who is writing these grammatically incorrect sentences in hopes of helping YOU, the homebrewer, out when it comes to your brew. From your very first beer, to owing your own brewery.

About Me:

I wake up between 4-6 AM every day, work on my business for a couple hours, take my dog on an hour walk, make my lunch, go to work at a winery (wish it was a brewery), come home, walk my dog again, watch some sports, work on more business, cook dinner, and spend the rest of my night with my loving girlfriend. Put that routine on repeat and that's the jist of my life. I also homebrew about every 3 weeks and I listen to a lot of podcasts revolving around brewing, business, and how to succeed at life. I grew up living in apartments and motels, with family friends, and was eventually taken in by my grandparents at the young age of 13 after my mom could no longer support me. Pops was in and out of my life for the better or worse, but we are friends now.My grandparents really made me the man I am today from disciplining me when I was being a stubborn teenager, to being there for every one of my baseball games for 13 years. They really taught me how to work hard, fight for what I believe is right, and always be kind to others. I became a Marine before the age of 18 and was in the reserves until the age of 23. Went to college at 18 and graduated at 23 with a management degree, all while being in the Marines. Have a background in construction and started working 2 days after graduation day.

I had this idea in my mind about starting my own company for a while, after quitting my job as an assistant project manager for a construction where my boss was the worst boss you could ever imagine, where nothing I ever did was good enough, not getting training in my job, and commuting an hour plus there and back every day, I quit my job and took a month of work. During that month I just drank, played video games, and watched lots of TV, until something clicked in my head, I got to asking myself, "what the hell am I doing with my life". I still had to pay the bills, so I got a job at a winery in Sonoma County, wasn't very satisfied with this job, but because I had gone through these times of failure and defeat, I decided I can do more with my life, so I started a company. I woke up at 3:15 AM on the morning of April 26th, 2016 (not kidding) and decided I was going to start a business, and thus Waters Brewer was founded. 



3 Craft Brewery Ideas that may seem out of this world, that have not been done before.


So every day at my dead end job at the winery where I work for for the time being, I often have enough time to think about just some crazy ideas, whether it be some cool inventions for breweries/homebrewers, a new article to post, some cool picture to take... whatever it make be, I'm always thinking of something I can do besides sit down, stare at the vinyards on the rolling hills, and wait for something to happen. I always jot down my ideas and today I want to share just a tad bit of the ideas that have been brewing up in my head. I'm going to give you my top 3 ideas for craft breweries that, to my knowledge, haven't been created yet, but will most likely happen in the near future.


#1 - Create a brewery that uses the same base recipe for every beer you brew, but simply change the hops in each different beer. 

At the winery where I work right now we make 26+ single vineyard designate zinfandel's. We are 1 of 9 wineries owned by a family and the winery where I work makes BY FAR the most money out of all the other 8 wineries. I got to thinking why is that? We are known singularly for our zinfandels and nothing more, but to me, an avid beer drinker, most of our wines taste SOOO similar. Why do people pay 80 dollars for a bottle of wine that really does taste just like the bottle of wine that only costs 20 dollars? The answer is because people associate more expensive bottles of wine with being better when it ISN"T technically true. Our wine maker does the wine making process just a littlleeeee bit different for each of the 26 wines that we have, and the grapes are different as well.

Then I got to thinking, why couldn't someone do that for beer? If you had the same base malt recipe, lets say like 11 lbs pale 2 row (base malt) and 1 lb of carmel 40, and then just added a single hop designate to each beer. So one beer would be with only Cascade, then one would only be with Magnum, and so on and so forth... Customers would really get to sample each and every type of hop, testing out the difference from hop to hop. They would really be able to destinguish the difference because it would be a single hop they use per beer, and the base malt for all the beers are the same, meaning it's only the hop that is different in the beer.



#2 - A catering beer company.

Your tech company that has 150 employees is going to be going on a special event out in the woods, an adventure per say, and they are allowed to drink. The owner can hire this beer company that caters these huge events, and the employees can have as much free beer as they want. You could also serve some food as well. You could rent out some space to brew your beer from a local brewery, using their equipment, and then travel the states wherever people need your services.



#3 - A brewery where homebrewers brew all of the beer.

Johnny Smith over here is just your average homebrewer, brewed roughly 50 batches in his life, so he knows what he's doing wants to go pro. This brewery will allow him, and all of the other local homebrewers to brew at a professional level. 

Your craft brewery could have like a 3bbl system, and have a professional brewer who is very skilled on that system working hand and hand with the homebrewer to be more of a guide then a brewer himself, we would leave the brewing part up to the homebrewer. Then once the homebrewer is done with the brew, we will store it in a fermentor for however long, and when it comes time to bottle, that homebrewer will come back in again and help bottle, or keg... however you would want to do it... 

That homebrewer woud get a little share (money) of the income that beer makes as well.

"Being Local" and being involved in your community is a huge thing right now and I don't know what would be more local then your local Johnny Smith coming in to Brewyourown Brewery and creating a mastepiece that all of the community can try for themselves. You make the community happy, you make Johnny happy, and you make Brewyourown Brewery happy.





That's all my ideas I'll share for now... I have to save some for another day. Take these ideas and run with them! They're your's for they taking because I cant see myself doing it because I'm too busy with my own company/life to take advantage of them right now... Not to say I won't do it in 5-10 years though...

If you want to bounce some ideas off me for creating a new brewery, or really any other ideas, comments, feedback, I'm all ears all the time. So feel free to hit me up at ty@watersbrewer.com, or leave a comment on this article and I'll get back to you soon!


Stay True To Your Brew!

Ty Stevenson





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