Waters Brewer - #16 - 3 Events That Happen When Drinking Beer

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My name's Ty Stevenson.

I'm a homebrewing, Waters Brewer owning, Marine Corps veteran, college grad, wolfdog owning, full time job having, ordinary dude who is writing these grammatically incorrect sentences in hopes of helping YOU, the homebrewer, when it comes to your brew. From your very first beer, to owing your own brewery.

About Me:

I wake up between 4-6 AM every day, work on my business for a couple hours, take my dog on an hour walk, make my lunch, go to work at a winery (wish it was a brewery), come home, walk my dog again, watch some sports, work on more business, cook dinner, and spend the rest of my night with my loving girlfriend. Put that routine on repeat and that's the jist of my life. I also homebrew about every 3 weeks and I listen to a lot of podcasts revolving around brewing, business, and how to succeed at life.

I grew up living in apartments, motels, with family friends, and was eventually taken in by my grandparents at the young age of 13 after my mom could no longer support me. Pops was in and out of my life for the better or worse, but we are friends now, drink beer, play darts, and golf from time-to-time. My grandparents are the ones who really made me the man I am today. From disciplining me when I was being a stubborn teenager, to being there for every one of my baseball games for 13 years, they are my true heroes. They really taught me how to work hard, fight for what I believe is right, and always be kind to others.

I became a Marine before the age of 18 and was in the reserves until the age of 23. Went to college at 18 and graduated at 23 with a management degree, all while being in the Marines. I have a background in construction and started working 2 days after graduating college and will continue to work towards becoming a brewer, owning my own brewery, and running a successful business.

I had this idea in my mind about starting my own company for a while, after quitting my job as an assistant project manager for a construction where my boss was the worst boss you could ever imagine, where nothing I ever did was good enough, not getting training in my job, and commuting an hour plus there and back in traffic every day, I quit my job and took a month of work. During that month I just drank, played video games, and watched lots of TV, until something clicked in my head, I got to asking myself, "what the hell am I doing with my life". I still had to pay the bills, so I got a job at a winery in Sonoma County, wasn't very satisfied with this job, but because I had gone through these times of failure and defeat, I decided I can do more with my life, so I started a company. I woke up at 3:15 AM on the morning of April 26th, 2016 (not kidding) and decided I was going to start a business, and thus Waters Brewer was founded...


3 Events That Happen When Drinking Beer

"I've been drunk and I've been sober

I've shared mead with my dog rover,

I've felt the pain the morning after

I think I've become the Drunken Master"

                                             -Ty Stevenson


Just a little quote to start the day off right, written by your's truly.


Let's jump straight on in to the 3 Events That Happen When Drinking Beer can have on an individual. 



#1 - You'll always have a friend in BEER!


Man, Alex isn't going to hang out with me again! This is the fourth time this week he said we were going to go on a hike and then bailed on me to go hang out with his girlfriend, walk around, and play Pokemon GO all day. I am so over friends who just don't appreciate a good friendship anymore, never have time to hang out and just kick it...



Beer will always be there for you when your friend Alex wants to go get his loving on with his girlfriend. Beer and dog are man's best friend's. 

Not ONE time have I never been happy drinking a beer. It instantly puts me in a better mood (especially if I have a few), even if I had a rough day at the job, or if I constantly feel like I'm getting ditched by my good friend Alex.


Beer is there for you always!




#2 - You become a cooler version of yourself


You can't sit there and tell me that you don't think that you are a way cooler version of yourself after you've thrown back a few... If you think this is not true, you are wrong and you can go drink a hard cider or mikes hard lemonade or some shit.

We all know that guy who does all these cool things, makes everyone smile and laugh, always looks like he's having a blast through all his social media accounts and everything, and you know what probably causes him to be so interesting... You guessed it right folks, BEER! He probably shot gunned 3 coors lights before he jumped off that roof into the pool, or beer bonged a millers before going to that carnival. He could also be a craft beer drinker, or better yet, a homebrew drinker who just loves beer and loves the way it makes him feel, because it makes him feel like the coolest version of himself that he can be. 

Next time you do something fun, just think about having a few beers before you do it because it will MOST LIKELY increase the fun level of you, and the event by a good amount. 




#3 - You make bold moves


Johnny was at a little brewery the other day in a small town of about 5,000 people called SmalltownUSA Brewing Co. and it was just him and the bartender Jessica that were there on a weekday afternoon. Johnny was just laid off from his construction job that he held for two years because the owner could no longer afford to pay his paycheck. So naturally he was in a bad mood when he went to the brewery and sat down at the bar. Jessica asks Johnny "What can I get for ya?" Johnny says "I'll take whatever kinda IPA you got on tap" so she pours him the Double IPA they had just freshly brewed and kegged. After about 15 minutes of making small talk, they were getting to know eachother pretty well, and Johnny was down to his last sip so without even having to ask, Jessica pours him another pint and tells him that this one is on the house, saying that he needed it after losing his job jokingly. They kept talking and having a good time until one of Jessica's friends walks in and she gives him a hug and they are laughing and smiling not really knowing what they're talking about. Johnny felt pretty upset because he was starting to like Jessica and just knew that that dude was her boyfriend. So he left a ten dollar bill on the table and because of those two beers, he left his number on the bill hoping that maybe she would call him sometime. 

Low and behold, that same night she calls him and explains how that was her brother she hasn't seen in a long time and how she would love to go grab some beers on Saturday night.


That my friends is a classic example of how you make bold moves because beer tells you to. Johnny wouldn't have left his number if beer wasn't involved in the equation.




Cheers to Beers my friends!


As always, comments, feedback, shares, and likes are always welcomed!


I hope you enjoyed the read an I look forward to you reading the next article I put out!




Stay True To Your Brew!


-Ty Stevenson 

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