Waters Brewer - #13 - Find your Beech

You know, I'm on a vacation for one night out in clear lake california with my girlfriend today and she's out playing in the lake and I'm sippin on some beer waiting to bbq some tri-tip and burgers. I've been working so much lately, between two jobs, one at a winery and one at a brewery, raising a half Wolfdog pup who requires sooooo much attention, trying to build a business from the ground up, and trying to also be a loving boyfriend and give as much attention to my girlfriend as I can. Being out here on the lake just makes me think that one times you really do just have to escape from reality sometimes and find peace with yourself again. 

I feel like I was running around like a chicken with his head cut of all day every day. I haven't had over 7 hours of sleep since January and really was turning in to a zombie. 

We all need to put SOME time away to disconnects from the real world every now and then. I know we are all busy and don't have time to do much now days but I promise you if you're sitting on a hammock with the waves splashing against the short on a dock, you're going to forget about all you really problems evens if it's just for a sexond. Spend a little time on yourself, your deserve it!


I'all talk about some more brewing stuff on Friday! Got some vacationing to do, beers are calling my name, bbq's getting hot, and girls getting ancy!



Stay True To Your Brew!



Ty Stevenson



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