Waters Brewer - #12 - For People Who Want To Get In To Brewing...

Whattttssssss going on Homebrewers!

My name's Ty Stevenson.

I'm a homebrewing, Waters Brewer owning, Marine Corps veteran, college grad, wolfdog owning, full time job having, ordinary dude who is writing these grammatically incorrect sentences in hopes of helping YOU, the homebrewer, when it comes to your brew. From your very first beer, to owing your own brewery.

About Me:

I wake up between 4-6 AM every day, work on my business for a couple hours, take my dog on an hour walk, make my lunch, go to work at a winery (wish it was a brewery), come home, walk my dog again, watch some sports, work on more business, cook dinner, and spend the rest of my night with my loving girlfriend. Put that routine on repeat and that's the jist of my life. I also homebrew about every 3 weeks and I listen to a lot of podcasts revolving around brewing, business, and how to succeed at life.

I grew up living in apartments, motels, with family friends, and was eventually taken in by my grandparents at the young age of 13 after my mom could no longer support me. Pops was in and out of my life for the better or worse, but we are friends now, drink beer, play darts, and golf from time-to-time. My grandparents are the ones who really made me the man I am today. From disciplining me when I was being a stubborn teenager, to being there for every one of my baseball games for 13 years, they are my true heroes. They really taught me how to work hard, fight for what I believe is right, and always be kind to others.

I became a Marine before the age of 18 and was in the reserves until the age of 23. Went to college at 18 and graduated at 23 with a management degree, all while being in the Marines. Have a background in construction and started working 2 days after graduating.

I had this idea in my mind about starting my own company for a while, after quitting my job as an assistant project manager for a construction where my boss was the worst boss you could ever imagine, where nothing I ever did was good enough, not getting training in my job, and commuting an hour plus there and back in traffic every day, I quit my job and took a month of work. During that month I just drank, played video games, and watched lots of TV, until something clicked in my head, I got to asking myself, "what the hell am I doing with my life". I still had to pay the bills, so I got a job at a winery in Sonoma County, wasn't very satisfied with this job, but because I had gone through these times of failure and defeat, I decided I can do more with my life, so I started a company. I woke up at 3:15 AM on the morning of April 26th, 2016 (not kidding) and decided I was going to start a business, and thus Waters Brewer was founded...



So you're interested in learning how to brew your own beer?

Back when I was in college, 21 years old, frat star, gym rat, I would drink nothing but the finest... Coors Light and cheap handles of whiskey... The sad thing is that I ACTUALLY enjoyed drinking those and was totally OK with it! I drank A LOTTTT of those things, among other concoctions.

As friends began to graduate, leave and get big-boy jobs and stopped hanging out, I stopped drinking as much as I used to. Instead of drinking the quantity, I started drinking for quality and this is really when I started getting in to the craft beer scene. I liked craft beers before but it really took off when I graduated college a year after my good friends graduated... They all left and I was kinda forced in to mellowing down, so I started buying 6 packs and bombers of "not light beer" that has been made with higher quality ingredients. 

I moved in to an apartment with 2 of my friends. Upon graduating, the guy who's room I was going to be moving in to left his homebrewing equipment in our garage, as he left to Cincinnati to get his doctorate degree. This was my perfect excuse to start brewing beer which was always kind of a mystery to me.

So I went to my LHBS and bought an extract homebrew kit (since I had the supplies) and brewed about a week later. My first batch was a wheat beer, super simple, and it turned out surprisingly good! 

I had a little "push", if you will, to help me get my life a jump-start on the homebrewing world because the guy who's place I took in my apartment left his homebrewing equipment that I was going to utilize. 


ONCE you make the investment on your equipment, the rest will fall in to place and you will be brewing good beer as often as you can.

If you spend the $100 dollars or so to invest on the equipment, you WILL brew because you now have the equipment that will be staring at you, in the back of your head, saying "Let's Brew!" We all know that feeling when we get a new toy or video game or tool or whatever it may be, you purchase it, and you just CAN NOT wait to get home and use/play with it. It's the same feeling with buying your equipment, you will want to use it as often as possible.

Here is a link to my article for all the equipment you will need to get your homebrewing hobby off to a great start!




AFTER you have all of the equipment you need to homebrew, you are going to be excited about brewing and should now really learn what the ingredients you are going to need after learning what kind of beer you want to  brew.


I had some HUGE problems really finding out how to brew. I saw SO many YouTube videos about how to brew and almost all of them were telling me different, if not contradicting, ways to brew. So I just decided to follow the instructions that were on my homebrewing kit that i bought from myLHBS (Local Homebrew Shop). If you simply follow the steps in your walkthrough on your homebrew kit, you will be brewing beer without all of the stuggles of finding out how to brew from articles and YouTube videos. 

If you go to your LHBS, or an online homebrew kit supplier, like Mr. Beer, and buy a kit for the type of beer you would like. Make sure you have all of the ingredients that you will need (which should be on your walkthrough in your homebrew kit), equipment, and of course beers to drink while you brew. Ingredients can be found here if for some reason your kit doesn't provide the ingredients you need.. 




ANOTHER way to learn how to homebrew is to talk to a friend, or join a forum, who homebrews and ask if you can watch and get a feel for how to homebrew.

If you have some buddies that homebrew and you want to learn yourself, just ask if you can come watch and/or help next time that person homebrews. Homebrewers are SUPER interested in sharing their passion to others and would love for the opportunity to give their knowledge of homebrewers off to the next guy, especially if it's a friend. 



It's THIS easy to jump in to homebrewing:

1.) Buy Equipment

2.) Buy a homebrewing kit or ingredients from you LHBS or online

3.) Learn the process

4.) Brew


Once you buy the equipment, you almost force yourself to buy the ingredients and actually get out and brew. It all starts with the initial purchase of the equipment though. If you're really serious about how to brew, unavailing the mysteries behind the almighty brewers, just buy some equipment and watch as you start to brew some of the best beer this world have ever seen!





Thanks for spending your valuable time to read my article, and I hope that this particular article inspired someone to get off the couch about being curious of how to brew, go buy some equipment, and start brewing your own craft beer.

As always, comments, feedback, advice, is always welcome!

Until next time...



StayTrue to Your Brew!


-Ty Stevenson

Waters Brewer 





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