The Waters Brewer Study: Experiment #2 - ALL DISTILLED WATER



For this second experiment, I used only distilled water in the brewing process, with NO mineral additions. At this time it has been in the bottle for 4 weeks. I was expecting a lot of yeast and fermentation problems with the lack of minerals that the water provides, and it did have a slow start to fermentation, but once it got going, it really got going. It fermented out pretty well and turned out to be more smooth and not as dry as Experiment #1 was of course.  This one turned out a little more smooth and malty to what I would have expected if there were minerals for a typical IPA in there. I believe that distilled water and no mineral additions will make a beer more "watered down" almost, more malty and smooth, not so much bitter or dry.


Can you brew an IPA that is good with ONLY distilled water? YES


I would choose #1 over #2 though.

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