The Waters Brewer Study: Experiment #1 - 22.5g of Gypsum



Hi all!

In my first ever experiment, I am going to be testing how 22.5 grams of Gypsum (12 in the strike water, 10.5 in the sparge water) will effect the overall flavor of the beer.







For my very first ever Waters Brewer Study Experiment, I decided to add 22.5 grams of gypsum to all distilled water.. Anything (for a 5 gallon batch) above 10 grams would always be called "a lot". So to add 12 grams to the strike water (3.5 gallons worth) and 10.5 grams of gypsum to the sparge water (3 gallons), I would expect a very rough bitterness.

Since I bottle condition all of my experiments, after only 2 weeks in the bottle, the beer was tasting drinkable, but still a little astringent and harsh on the bitterness. After being in the bottle for a month, the beers astringency has seemed to settle down, the bitterness isn't as harsh as I had remembered, and it was a very enjoyeable IPA. Now being in the bottle for 2.5 months, the beer has really turned out to be good. Most of the aroma has left but it still holds its carbonation, good flavor and mouthfeel with a minor bite of bitterness at the end.


Can you brew a drinkable IPA while using 22.5 grams of gypsum for the brew? YES YOU CAN


Push the boundaries

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