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My name's Ty Stevenson and some people might call me the Waters Brewer. A little less than a year ago I created my first company revolving around homebrewing. I sell minerals to homebrewers to optimize the water profile they use for brewing beer because believe it or not, the water used to make an IPA SHOULD be different than the water used to brew an Imperial Stout.

I literally woke up one morning in April of 2016 at 3:30 am, due to my wolfdog puppy whining, and decided that I was going to start this company. I knew nothing about starting a company, let alone all of the blood sweat and tears it takes to make a profitable, fully functioning business. I pulled out my laptop and started researching; "how to build a business" and from there I just worked and worked and tried new things, failed on these new things, received criticism (I still do), and put out content with no results day after day after day. After about a month I decided to start social media pages for Waters Brewer via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Over the last year I put most of my focus and energy on Instagram, and am recently focusing more on Facebook. During this year of building a brand, I had to great opportunity to listen to some of the most interesting, knowledgeable, and useful audiobooks and podcasts revolving around marketing, building brands, social media, fulfillment, brewing, and living a happy and successful life. I've listened to audiobooks such as "Think and Grow Rich" (4 times in 4 months and is the most influential book I've listened to date) "Rich Dad Poor Dad", "The 4-Hour Work Week" and MANY other audiobooks, not to mention hours upon hours of Gary Vaynerchuk and Andy Friscella. 

Through all of the knowledge I've accumulated thus far in my Instagram marketing experience I've come to realize the best way to build a community around your product or service via Instagram is to engage, provide so much damn value, and PUT IN THE WORK! For the last year I have spent AT LEAST 1-2 hours on Instagram liking my followers photos, liking potential new followers photos by searching hashtags such as #homebrewer, #homebrew and #craftnotcrap, and writing engaging, thoughtful, comments on pictures I like.

I have posted a picture on my Instagram at least once almost every single day since I started using Instagram for my business, sometimes I'll post twice or thrice a day if I feel so inclined. On each and every picture I post now I will use a minimum of roughly 22 hashtags revolving around my target audience or contents of the picture. If it was a picture of me brewing, I'll use more homebrewing hashtags, if it's a picture of a craft beer, I'll use more craft beer hashtags and so forth.

The key to using these hashtags is to try and get on the "Top Posts" for every single hashtag you use to get the most exposure for your Instagram account. The best way to do this is by starting with a good product, a good photo. All of my photos are taken by me (I really like photography) and are incredibly high resolution and artistic to appeal to the most people in my demo as possible.

ALWAYS find a way to mesh social media platforms if possible too. I tell people over IG to head over to my Facebook page for a special Facebook only giveaway and vice versa as well.


  1. Start with an entertaining/engaging/artistic high-quality photo
  2. Use a minimum of 22 hashtags, hitting your target audience yet revolving around what's in your photo.
  3. Create a catchy tagline for your photo
  4. Spend 1-2 hours a day, every day if you can, liking and commenting on people's pictures for this will build trust and you will become part of that community.


If you want to get advanced, reach out to Instagram Influencers, host giveaways, create engagement with your followers, and most of all, stick with it. I post most of my pictures around 7-8pm PST and usually get the best results from that time. On my last 20 pictures, they have almost all received over 100 likes and is continuing to grow as my followers and reach begin to grow as well.


Thanks for reading and if you'd like to pick my brain about Instagram Marketing anymore I'd love to talk to you.

My Instagram account is Waters Brewer.


Thanks for reading y'all!



Ty Stevenson

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